Moulded products

Moulding technology

EPDM rubbers and many others. Depending on the materials used and the production process, these products are characterised by low or high elasticity, varying hardness, resistance to chemicals, resistance to low and high temperatures.

We can combine rubber with various metal or plastic materials. Producing rubber products, we can manufacture both small and large elements according to the customer’s requirements and specifications.
The seals are made in accordance with ISO standards so that we can guarantee you the highest quality of the technological process performed with the utmost care.

The following product groups are manufactured using the moulding method:

KedariX - Moulded products
Moulded products





We adapt to the pulse and rhythm of the industry, which is why we have centralised CNC production, moulded products, injection moulding, design, sales and large warehouses in one place at the KEDARIX Technical Seals Production Centre.

We are happy to take on non-standard orders.
With 20 years of experience in such a narrow field, having worked more than 500,000 hours on various projects, we have reached the level of expert in this industry. We are able to meet the highest demands of our customers.

We have the ability to manufacture both small and large, single and multi-series orders.

We guarantee the availability of materials for orders by storing them in our on-site warehouses.

We can offer several solutions, selecting the right materials. We guarantee professional customer service, fast delivery times and we can even do an ‘ad hoc’ seal within one hour.

500 000 worked hours
20 years of experience
Professional service
Quality assurance
Fast completion time

For the moulding technique we use dedicated materials

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